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Spiral Pins

Spiral Pins

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Also know as Coiled Spring pins. Standard Spiral pins/ Coiled Spring Pins provide flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution, closer diameter tolerances, no interlocking, trouble-free automatic feeding, and they reduce costs. Heavy, standard, and light duty pins provide combinations of strength, flexibility and diameter to meet the specific engineering objectives of your pinning applications.

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  1. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 5/16
  2. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 7/16
  3. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 1/2
  4. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 9/16
  5. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 5/8
  6. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 1/4
  7. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 3/8
  8. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 1/2
  9. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 5/8
  10. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 3/4

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We received our order very quickly and everything fit perfectly it was exactly what we were looking for and we would absolutely order from your company again in the future. The customer service was Great!! We couldn't ask for anything more than what we received and want to thank you so much. Also thanks for sending along the other parts sheets they will come in handy. Junior was great to work with, he was very helpful and did a great job. Again thank you very much and we look forward to doing business with you again in the future.